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Chuckles June 6, 2008

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In the spirit of my slew of business classes I was surfing the net for good cases to argue my point on marketing theories and this is what I spent 2 hours of my time reading πŸ˜‰ 1 week down (almost), 3 to go! hooray!
toothpaste for dinner


June? May? April? June 4, 2008

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Where did they all go?!? I can’t believe its June already!

HI EVERYONE!! Is there anyone out there?! *out there* *Out…there…* *echo* *echo*

I’m just dropping by to say a quick hello but its 11:15 pm which is already 2 hours past my bedtime. At 20, I’ve started living the retiree lifestyle πŸ™‚ I just got back from Alaska a few days ago (pictures coming soon) but I’m full swing in summer school mode. I’m taking 3 classes (thats 9 credit hours) in the month of June so I’m in class pretty much from 8-6 everyday save an hour in between. Throw in a 2 hour commute, 2 hours for workouts and hours and hours of Business cases to be prepped every night and I’m pooped. I got back late sunday so I haven’t really had a weekend yet since Alaska to catch up on everything but I’ll be back this weekend! I can’t wait to show you guys some of the pics that I took in Alaska…it was BEAUTIFUL!

P.S. I am convinced that everyone on that cruise ship gained about 7 lbs…a day…for a full 10 days! The main goal of the wait staff on that ship was to get you to one of two places…the gym or the hospital. Thankfully, I’ve chosen the latter…there have been a few times where there wasn’t much of a difference between me and those orcas we saw in the water πŸ˜‰ both in appearance and amount of food shoveled. I seriously surprised myself with my food packing away abilities….lets just say if the next ice age is coming anytime soon, I;ve gotten a head start on the blubber building efforts πŸ˜‰

See ya friday but hopefully maybe before then!! ❀

whoa…its been so long! May 21, 2008

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Hiiii everyone! I’M BACK! and I’ve genuinely missed you guys; I’ve felt like I’ve been gone a long long time, perhaps because you were always on my mind πŸ˜‰ I kept telling myself that I was going to write a blog entry TODAY! then too many days passed and I didn’t know what to do a blog entry on and pretty soon, I had so many real people come into my life (i.e. HUGE groups of family and friends for graduation and festivities) that I didn’t have time to sit at my computer for a whole five minutes let alone time for virtual friends.

So here’s a few thing that were true about my life when I went away, CSI style in bullet format and a false bullet thrown in for good measure.

  • I took my MCATs; the scores aren’t in yet but man alive did I have some up and down moments in the days leading up to it. Thank you God for getting me through it..and thank you friends, family, birds, bees and everyone that has heard me whine and moan for the past century about it.
  • I actually cried a little when the janitor who was cleaning up puke inside an elevator at 2 am gave me a pitying look when he saw all the books I was carrying for my night session before the MCAT.
  • I made it through 3 finals, 2 projects and the MCATS in 100 hours after that last post you guys have been staring at for weeks.
  • I fed grilled cheese to a dog with a french pedicure better than mine ever will be.
  • I walked the stage…3 times for graduation and once for the Award I mentioned.
  • I wanted to poke my eyes out if anyone every told me again how valuable my degree is or how many opportunities I had open before me. Death by a stapler to anyone that mentions again 5 life lessons they wish they had known at graduation. You learn life lessons people, no matter how many times you tell me…I’m gonna have to go through it to learn.
  • Listening does not equal learning.
  • I have officially tried on every. single. dress. in Dallas in pursuit of a decent graduation dress (I have no idea why it mattered so much! …It didn’t at first and then I was so frustrated that I had spent all this time on a graduation dress that I spent more time looking for a good one!) So all that to say, if you need to find a particular type of dress — I would so be the person to ask; clearly I know the selections at every store from Dallas to Waco.
  • The Hilton Anatole is a good place to go for rich men and cheap drinks.
  • If you must go to a nightclub called “Purgatory” you need to do it right before you graduate…if not, you may not be able to call yourself a self respecting human.
  • I contemplated stealing a string of pearls off a persnikty looking chiwawa this weekend. Sadly this is not my false bullet.
  • I set sail for Alaska tomm and won’t be blogging for ten days, we have no internet (well, free internet) on the cruise and I can’t afford $0.55 a min internet.
  • I had to pull a friend away from licking vodka off a man’s nipples when he started to show more than just his chest.
  • I was thankful for family, friends and everyone that came out to support me this weekend.
  • $1 margaritas will show their true colors eventually.
  • I made about 30 lbs of hummus this weekend. Some people have vodka seeping out their pores after graduation. Me…well I eat my weight in hummus at a party with more Egyptians than I will ever know in my life.
  • I couldn’t really come up with an outrageously false bullet.

T-100. May 6, 2008

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Hours left till my MCAT…not to mention that I still have 3 finals and 2 projects to hit out of the ballpark during that time.

If you believe in a higher being wouldcha put in a good word for me? please? If ever I need to be on top my game (i.e. need divine intervention) its in next 100 hours.

Ahhh ball of stress moments are noo fun! In 100 hours, the first thing I’m doing is hitting the gym for a loooong workout and then sleeping for about 3 weeks! Can’t WAIT!

Catch ya guys on the flip side!

20 something. May 4, 2008

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Everyone has a moment in their lives that lives just under their skin, etched forever like a lightly fading scar. Its during this infamous moment that time seems to slow and both confusion and clarity hit with such strength that they knock you right off your feet. The clarity seems so crystal clear and the confusion about why it didn’t make sense any earlier than now is clear too. If you haven’t had this sort of moment yet, I promise you will; you’ll know it when you see it.

To say that I enjoy these moments of clarity would be an understatment…no,Β  no, I don’t just enjoy them…they feed my soul and juice up the deepest parts of my being.Β  You know why? Its because I have always enjoyed power; No I’m not talking about being the ruler of the free world kind of power but I enjoy feeling powerful. I enjoy being in control of my life, my thoughts, my abilities. I enjoy knowing where the bread crumbs lead.

And luckily up until now, it was easy to live in that enjoyment because these past two decades of my life, it was easy to know. There was a right and a wrong to every decision that I made; there was a “good” way to be and a “bad” way to be and as long as I followed the path that others had set out before me, I would be fine. Go to school, keep good company, say no to drugs, stay focused on the good things, graduate from college. Check, check, check, check and check. Okay, done! what now?

Well somewhere along that path, somewhere between backstreet boys and coldplay,Β  between monopoly money and my first american express, the black and white in my life turned into a mushy, opaque gray. I’m realizing now how lucky I was to have good and bad decisions to choose from because those don’t seem to exist anymore…everything is just a variable that can go one way or another and theres no one to tell you what to do anymore. It liberating, promising, hopeful and paralyzing all at the same time. Every moment that is yet to pass has the promise of being molded into something better and greater than I can imagine all the while terrifying me as I step into unknown horizons.

But then, that power that comes with feeling in control, the power that comes with knowing that the crazy mismatched pieces of my life were fit together by me…well that moment of clarity and self conviction makes all that agonizing and scrutiny worthwhile. And if I fall in a wrong decision, if I die in a lion’s fight, well choosing to do so is the difference between walking onto the battlefield and walking onto the battlefield with your head held high. At least then, the slightly fading scars you bear are authentic and vintage.

And then, just like that, somewhere in between learning to dot my i’s and writing a thesis,Β  somewhere in between a school playground and the real world, somewhere in between britney spears…and a more psychotic britney spears, I stand knee deep in opaque, gray muck finally ready to be labeled an adult.

Stretched 2 thin April 29, 2008

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I’m alive.

There were many times this past few days I wasn’t sure I would make it out alive but I’m still standing…A little scarred from some battle wounds but still standing πŸ˜‰

I’ve been lurking on all of your food blogs and life blogs and have been commenting but I had to choose between using precious internet time for giving support vs. posting so I chose the former!

Regular blog programming shall return May 10…until then, here’s a few highlights on my plate: My life is about to get really crazy; but in a good way πŸ™‚

April 30: Last undergraduate class of my life! Wahooo!

April 30: 3 finals (and did I mention MCATs?)

May 1-10: 3 finals + MCAT cramming

May 12: Visiting Houston Texas (exciting I know)

May 17: Walking the stage

May 22- May 29: CRUISE TO ALASKA!! I’m excited; we never visit “cold” places in the summer so this will be a new one!

May 29-June27: 4 weeks of hardcore summer school!

July 1 – Decide if I’m going to apply to top tier medical school based on MCAT scores or take up an offer to a Texas Medical school.

July 3– Possible visits to Valencia, Spain!?!!!!

Should be a life changing, exciting, whirlwind few months up ahead. This blog is turning into more life stuff and less weight loss stuff I know but I will update all my stats and such in a few weeks; I have fallen off and gotten on the wagon a few times these past few weeks so be looking for some sporadic numbers. I’m thinking of taking a page out of glam’s book and ditching the scale…its cons outweigh the pros.

Edit: Good news!! I just found out that I will be receiving the Amman Award…for “exemplary service to the student body and embodying Amman’s qualities of honesty, dedication and sincerity in contributions to the university…” YAY! theyΒ  make me sound good πŸ˜‰ haha, i’m most excited about the desserts they serve at these receptions — they are so fancy schmanzy :]

QLC, I could’ve lived without you April 25, 2008

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You know, I’ve always been an early bloomer. Boobs? Had them at 11. Period? Got it in 6th grade… Friends? Always 1-2 years older. So naturally, you say, I should have expected other things to come early too…like say a quarter life crisis at 20? Well F you mind, b/c you forgot to warn me and now here I am smack dab in the middle of a quarter life crisis with no effing windows open and all the doors closed. Whoever said that bullshit about windows closing and doors opening was LYING b/c trust me…I’ve searched this room with a fine tooth comb and its windowless, doorless and damn suffocating.

Actually come to think of it…I’ve been in this damn trapped room with QLC (quarter life crisis) for about 11 months now. You want to know exactly when QLC visited…At midnight on May 26, 2007. Why do you remember that so well you ask? well when the mother of all panic attacks arrives and swoops in on you as you stand unarmed and vulnerable with PJs and open arms…you damn well remember the day that felt like the German invasion into your life.

…Since then, there have been moments where I hit rock bottom, moments where I dug fifty feet below rock bottom to hide, moments where I crawled my way out to the brink just as the earth slid under my feet again and amazing moments of clarity. These last few moments have been rare but they have made me appreciate them so much more; they have brought me closer to family, friends and God and have helped me build some strong crutches to hobble with.

…All that to say that I’m in the last leg of the fight against QLC right now and I think I’m coming out stronger… This damn thing is being beaten to the edges of the room and its fighting area is getting smaller everyday because I’ve dug in my arms, legs, elbows, toes and fingers to stay in the fight and the dreams are just beginning to be made. Sometimes QLC resurfaces in moments of vulnerability or when I lay down to sleep at night but I’m fighting it with my swords of preparedness and dog-gone persistence.

So all that to say, the next few weeks are going to be crazy but things should settle down soon enough. By the end of May, I’ll hopefully know where my life is going, what I’ll do with it and if I’m going to end up living on the side of the streets with a begging bowl by my side. (You’ll come visit me won’t you?) Until QLC decides to pass, to give up and go home, things are going to be irregular and my poor mind is going to have to get used to being pulled in a 10 different directions. Until I throw QLC a going away party, I’m going to sit here with my heels dug firmly into the ground (but not too hard b/c no one wants a broken heel fiasco on their hands), refusing to step out of fighting rink. I’m like putty baby, stretch me, pull me, squeeze me, love me…I ain’t breaking!

Oh I suppose when QLC decides to leave, I should give it a gracious parting gift…after all who better than QLC to teach you that you can’t judge another person’s life until you’ve walked 500 miles in their shoes, and then 500 more to fall down exhausted and limp at their door.

April 24, 2008

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Scene: Walk back from class on the way to the car…

Hmm, well I’ve been thirsty all day and I forgot to grab a bottle of water…I’m gonna drop by the dining hall for a second…

Ooh water is soo refreshing…Oh I have to do well on the MCAT’s, this is my one chance to make it where I want to go…Dear god, are you hearing me?

OH did they just put out some cookies…I want 1/2 of one

Eh, 1/2 is never good enough..I’ll take the whole one…Oh my phone’s ringing…crap! I forgot to call that lady back…OH no, when did I grab that handful of nuts?

Oh these nuts are good…I want some more…I better go write down what I need to do in my planner — well first the nuts.

Wait, is that GARLIC bread!?? YUMMM! I’m gonna grab a piece…okay, write stuff down in planner.

Wait, call mom first to make sure she got that appointment fixed – – wait how many pieces of garlic bread did I just eat? Oh who cares, I want more!

Mmm I’m HUNGRY…and nothing looks good…ohΒ  wait that bread looks really good — I’m gonna make a sandwich.

Oh I have to remember to stop by the bank…why do I have only cheese on my sandwich…oh the spinach and lettuce look wilted and the veggies look stale. Oh well, scratch the sandwich — I’ll just grab a grilled cheese thats already been made.

Oh you know what goes great with grilled cheese D? Some fries..grab some of those.

Did I forget to turn off the straightening iron before I left my room? Oh crap I must have…you know that time that girl had to pay a ton of money b/c she burned down her room.

I don’t have a ton of money…I have to start looking for a job…did I remember to post my resume for that one job?

Oh I have to call financial aid before graduation. No I didn’t post my resume. Crap, DID I JUST EAT A FULL PLATE OF FRIES?! Okay this has got to stop…

But I really need something sweet…now I feel too full and gross…

Oh they just put some cheesecake out, I want a bite….No, I don’t want a bite, I want the whole thing, No I’ll just settle for some sweet tea.

Good job D…you stopped the cheesecake binge, but youΒ  just ate your weight in food otherwise.

Ooo are those watermelons, those are sweet! I’ll grab some of those and some water.

….Crap I have 3 plates, 2 bowls and 2 cups sitting at my table! I look crazy…what did I eat again? Oh crap, its 3pm…I have to be at work in 30 mins…what DID I just eat all that for!? I feel disgusting.

Oh crap, i forgot to take pictures…

Am I going to be able to carry all those dishes to the conveyer belt without dropping them?? I swear the watermelon slicing lady is judging me.

Oh crap, I just spilled water on myself! Damn phone calls!…

I need to blog about this.

See, its days like this that remind me how far I’ve come but how FAR I have left to go. They remind me that I am far from perfect, that my issues with food are VERY deep seated and sometimes my issues with food seem insurmountable. But then I remind myself that these sort of days are now happening far and few in between and for now, thats a few steps broken into a marathon trail…so instead of crawling into a hole of guilt and self disgust, I commend my body and soul for the times it has fought back and crawled its way back to sanity. And that for now, is the best thing I can do for myself.

Wednesday? April 23, 2008

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Good morning everyone! I know I said I wouldn’t be around but I just got an unexpected break in my schedule…I walked around all morning thinking it was thursday and planning my usual thursday afternoon activities (my mornings are the same all days of the week) and I just realized after reading a few blogs that its HUMP day…WEDNESDAY! what a let down 😦

I hit the snooze button one four too many times this morning and was running appreciably late…I rushed to class sans shower or morning breakfast..by the time I got out I was starving.

Class was incredibly slow today (I had already read up on what he was talking about and knew about it from another class) so I let me mind wander a bit and thought about some changes I want to make around here…

  • I was listening to Bob Greene’s interview yesterday on the Biggest Loser website where he talks about eating 5-6 small meals a day and I’ve been meaning to incorporate that into my days instead of 3 big meals and very empty nutritious snack of goldfish bowls.
  • Speaking of which I was reading Mizfit’s blog (who btw is amazing and if you don’t read her everyday, you have to pop over there RIGHT now!) and she talks about eating snacks that combine protein, complex carbs and some fat…i.e peanut butter + apple instead of just an apple…seeing as to how I think thats pretty SOUND advice and because I can’t continue eating snacks on whim like a 5 year old anymore and because there are birds watching out for me…I want to start being more mindful of eating 5-6 small meals and balancing them out a bit especially the snacks.
  • Lastly I want to track proteins and calories and fiber in every meal but I worry I’m going to get obsessive about the numbers and no one wants that happening. Points for me are easy to track; its just one thing but three or four different things and all that inputing into website; I’m not sure!
  • All of these things are only going to be fully incorporated after the MCAT…the meals are easy to get started on but all this logging and tracking – I just don’t have the time to start that regime up just yet!
  • Enough rambling

Without further adieu here’s breakfast!

I’ve been craving cold breakfast over hot since its getting to be pretty warm outside but I think I need to go back to my oats…I miss them and I miss their fullness!

Orange slices for dessert, some oven roasted potatoes with ketchup and a croissant. I didn’t eat the croissant, it looked better than it tasted and after one bite I decided I wasn’t going to waste my day’s eating on that. I ate about 1/2 the potatoes pictured; worked out to about 1/4 cup of potatoes. They weren’t that good either but I was reading up on some notes for class and ate mindlessly before I could stop myself. That’s the thing about going to the dining hall for breakfast/ I end up wasting a bit b/c I’m never sure of whats in what and how it tastes till I take a bite of it and they don’t give out smaller portions.

The oranges were delicious.

My hot water with breakfast…my mom told me the other day that drinking hot water with a meal is supposed to help with digestion. I’m not sure about that but what I do know is that it somehow makes me feel fuller, more satiated…any scientific basis for this or is it just me? Chime in if you know!

Off to class #2 of 3! I can’t believe I’m done with classes in 2 weeks…geez where does the time go?

My life is like a Hitchcock movie! April 23, 2008

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Edit: I’m not going to be around all day tomm…so see you guys thursday!

OH you can have your people call my people for an autograph…

So Right after I ate the oatmeal…I started to walk to class about 20 mins early and on the way outside the business school I saw all these camera crews and a lady came up to interview me about the business program…and before I knew it, I was ushered into this “reception for young entrepreneurs” so I grabbed this soda and that bread (it had some fancy italian name to it) on a oh so fancy napkin plate. Check out the grease on that napkin! I ate about a bite of this after my (discreet) photo and didn’t eat anymore until I came out and threw it away…I did drink about half the soda throughout class tho.

P.S. This photo comes to you at a great price…there were suits and “Corporate executives” EVERYWHERE and I still managed to capture this shot w/out looking ridiculous (I think if those suits did have a food blog, they’d have their own personal camera crew following them around)…I swear, at the end of this little adventure, I’m gonna be good enough to take spy shots πŸ˜‰

2 points for the coke and disgusting bite of bread.

HITCHCOCK was onto something!

After class I stopped by the dining hall to grab the snack that never stops smiling…GOLD FISH! And I balanced the goldfish on my knees and all just so you guys would know the color jeans I was wearing today…how’s that for classy and personalized huh?

2 more points…I ended up not finishing the bowl since I was late for class…see below for explanation!

OH yea, about the title of this post…see how there’s only about 1/2 a bowl of gold fish there?? Well on the walk between the dining hall and my second class, I saw a few birds eyeing me intently…In the spirit of mother nature and earth day, I appreciated their beady little stares and kept on walking. And a split second later, the biggest (and ugliest) of the pack lets out this shrieking “CAW” that I swear was “ATTACK!” In bird language and a bird SWOOOOPs towards my open bowl of gold fish!! I had to shoooo it off and flail my hands at it while trying to hold onto my precious snack with iron gripped claws! In the midst of all that flailing the damn bastards won and got to peck at half my snack!!! I’m telling you…birds are VICIOUS! you can’t make this shit up….If they had asked nicely, I would’ve given food to it…tomm its war people, I’m bringing out a covered container of gold fish!


Dinner was a delicious bowl of sauteed veggies on top of 1/2 a cup of rice! It was SOO yummy and I added some sirichara (sp?) hot sauce to the side about halfway through for flavor!

I wanted to mix it up so you guys could see the rice but I was sitting by a bright sunny window and the lighting was terrible!

And for some sweet…not so juicy watermelons…these looked a bit battered but were good enough to eat!

And A piece of bread I added to the plate…

Trying to cover up the light so you can see my dang bread!…now thats dedication…at this point, I was about ready to inhale that bread!

There we go! It wasn’t as buttery/garlicy as it looks in the pic…

After bowl one of veggies + rice, I went back for more…about 1/2 this bowl more! I blame those dang birds, they stiff me of 10 goldfish and I have to eat a half a bowl of dinner more to be full!

I estimate dinner to be about 12 points with the bread and veggies, rice and only one piece of the watermelon…the other two looked too sad to eat!

All together for the day (unless I add something more): 26 points! eek I have NO ROOM to add anything more but I have a LONG night of studying ahead of me…time to balance this baby out tomm.


Okay, the hitchcock day has left me pretty winded…I’m off to cozy up with some notecards….Ciao ladies!